Our Company

Ecological Tanks, Inc., manufactures the Aqua Safe® Aerobic Treatment Plants in both fiberglass and concrete, as well as the Aqua Aire® Aerobic Treatment Plants in concrete only. Both plant designs are certified by NSF to Standard 40 criteria.

Ecological Tanks offers an extensive line of sizes and configurations including pretanks, pump tanks, aerators, water pumps, floats, controls and packaged drip systems.

Our History

Ecological Tanks, Inc. is a family owned business established in 1994 by brothers-in-law George Johnson and Hubbard Donald. They ran the business successfully for many years until retirement called.  Now George’s two sons Trey and Gene Johnson run Ecological Tanks together along with an installation business, Johnson Pre-cast Septic Service, and they also manufacture high quality fiberglass deer blinds, Hunt Safe.  These brothers aren’t happy unless they’re busy and their customers are happy!

Our Mission

Photo of septic tank installation

From standard configurations to custom implementations, we understand the value of our work and strive to deliver the best service experience to each customer.

Our Mission Statement

Providing our customers with the highest quality wastewater products available to ensure not only superior performance and minimal maintenance, but also sustainable treatment systems that would help protect our water resources for future generations to come.